26 August 2019

Keeping Your Divine Energies Yours ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 25 August 2019

Okay, most of these fb "updates" have no titles so I sometimes give them one of my own, based on the message. This is one such example ~ if you go "huh?" I apologise, it's not Meg Benedicte's fault.

I try not to share potentially divisive messages here on my blog, but this one is important, and I ask that you read it (only if you feel guided to do so!) with a higher perspective that does not denote division of any sort. I personally resonate with the message that Meg has to say, because I went through such an experience myself, just a few months ago. I will briefly explain:

I had come to a stage where I felt more in tune with my own Divinity than I ever was ~ this was after an intense period of clearing and releasing. It was at this point that I realised I didn't want anyone's "energy signature" within my field ~ I felt very strongly that I didn't want to receive any activation, initiation etc that was linked to someone else, be it an Ascended Master or Goddess or whomever. Apart from my own energy signatures (as well as through amplification of my own energies), I could only take in energies from Gaia Mum, our Sun, the Galactic and Cosmic Suns, and the Cosmic energies streaming in. The interesting thing is that when I came to this point, suddenly I had people appear in my Life that wanted to foist external energies (from them or some other Being) upon me on two three separate occasions. I had to do some serious blocking and repelling, after which the interference stopped.

Ultimately, this is my own experience ~ as always always always....please go with what works for you, which could be totally different from what works for me or anyone else.

Source: Meg Benedicte

There is an important discussion running in my Ascending Spiral FB Group reminding us to avoid any Lightworker/Spiritual Teacher who is inserting their light code into their articles, videos, books, posts, or healing treatments. Please do not give permission to anyone to insert their energy, codes or system into your divine Soul Light Body. That includes massage, body work, meditation circles, healing practitioners and gurus to name a few. This is not respecting each and everyone's Sovereign energy field.

It is similar to different Starseed bloodlines believing their code is superior and inserting into other bloodlines, for example of this discussion, a Pleiadian inserting their code into a Sirian or Arcturian soul. We are uniquely designed to our Starseed bloodline and this code insertion is dangerous to others .

We all have our own direct connection to our Higher Self and Divine Monad, including our Spiritual Support Team. Our biofield template is specifically designed for our Soul mission, purpose, optimal health and wellbeing. Take care and be discerning!  

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