24 August 2019

Lightworkers Journey Podcast w/Meg Benedicte & Vaz Sriharan ~ 24 August 2019

Had to lie down so I played this to listen. Meg Benedicte and Vaz Sriharan includes in their discussion the current divides that have formed in the Awakened Community and how important Discernment is to help us decide to what we wish to give our attention. Interestingly, I had just today unsubscribed from a number of groups whose postings I could no longer bear to read past the titles.

Meg and Vaz also mentioned that we need to be prepared for January 2020 ~ that date again! ~ when the systems are expected to dismantle in a huge way.

Here's the link:

In this episode of the Lightworker's Journey Podcast I join Vaz Sriharan for a discussion about Leyline activations (aka Gridwork), the polarizing divisions that are occurring in the Ascension and Disclosure movements during these transformative times.

For audio only podcast (and to listen to many podcasts & free meditations visit: https://vazsriharan.podbean.com/)

Or visit Meg's site https://newearthcentral.com

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