27 August 2019

Major Incoming & Update ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 27 August 2019

Major Incoming Wave Expected, within next 8 hours 
By or before 8pm BST
See Wayshowers post (below) for more details
One Love

Whoa. ABSOLUTELY.... (and ouch) feeling it! Somehow I can't help but think that what Amanda Lorence writes about has to do with the energy codes that came in for certain individuals, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

Source: Amanda Lorence

I am aware this morning (12 noon UK Time) there will be a major INCOMING WAVE within the next 8hrs. It may start before. This particular Incoming Wave will create a significant internal (thus external) SHIFT for some. It affects everyone at their particular energetic frequency and path point. Some will notice, some won’t.

There are variable Incoming Waves. PRIOR to a HUGE Incoming Energy Wave that brings about a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT, I get certain physical effects. I have these NOW. This is how I can predict the MAJOR WAVES that ALSO herald a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT. And why I don’t know in advance about other Incoming Waves until they actually arrive and are felt in my physical vessel, such as Sunday’s big Wave.

I have hesitated posting the following, so just discern and leave it if it doesn’t resonant. I NEVER tell anyone what to do, so below is literally as I know it:
1] There is no time.
2] There is no time left to be in distraction or be distracted by the illusion. Or others in your dream that may pull you in.
3] Some are being prepared for imminent Multi-Dimensional timeline merges. (You will know when you are as you will be receive INTERNAL intel in your way of receiving). It is a gradual process of existing in Multiple Timelines within multiple dimensional frequencies that will BECOME YOUR CONTINUOUS EXPERIENCE. Yet the signs ARE that it has just started, and will become us gradually.
4] As Multi-Dimensional realities become your experience, your higher level of consciousness naturally becomes your experience, within that multi-dimensional experience. This is happening now, again it’s a gradual process but evident to you.
5] Everything runs parallel. As we raise frequency and light quotient, the lower dimensional experience (3D and 4D) is seen as collapsing for us as our own experience. We see through. Allow. Don’t put energy to lower dimensional frequency beliefs of truth. Truth is multi-dimensional. There are infinite truths about any idea or belief based on a person’s frequency. We can only see ‘truths’ at our own energetic frequency, so are blind to higher truths until we each raise our frequency and see them at their higher level. Until we eventually see, know, the truth is...there is NO truth, there IS just experience for Source, through us.

Due to the influx and changes, we can expect imbalanced behaviour, erratic behaviour, stress, anxiety, egoic behaviour from participants within the dream. Compassion is US. Our only job at THIS PARTICULAR POINT NOW, is to be the balance and the peace simply via our energetic. And as these energies become stronger, to check-in with ourselves also, so frequently, to ensure we are not influenced (grabbed) by the dream and participants, so not influenced by imbalance, not reactive, not acting from mind (mind only knows what it has experienced so far). There’s no room for any fear, which WILL create imbalanced energies within and without, period.

There is a fine line in our DISCERNING...between observing as a balanced peace and neutrality that operates in alignment with the highest good for all. And that of an imbalance that can also experience other realties, yet comes from fear, control, ego mind. One is in alignment. The other is just out of alignment, and the individual’s power and choice to re-align to zero point.

It is THE HOUR, for allowing all others their path and thoughts. To not engage, or give energy to anything that does not serve you/the highest good. For Forerunners, there is no time left for trying to assist any imbalance on the outside. It is a case of Self Focus in THIS PARTICULAR TIMELINE, as the guidance and changes will occur to you, from within you. The signs are there 24/7, they always have been. Just that now, we see them more and more and more, as we shift up in frequency and adapt to a new reality and way of living as it presents gradually. This moment, this current timeline is about YOU, and your path. YOU ARE the consciousness that creates YOUR dream reality.

Please discard if any of this post doesn’t resonate. Everyone is on their own path, as their unique facet of SOURCE LIGHT. All are at different stages and thus frequencies, so everyone experiences THEIR reality differently. What’s key, is YOU, your path, your direction, your balance, your neutrality, your peace. It is only in that state, that you can be of the highest service. Higher frequency data arrives for each, when frequency matches like frequency. Choose your frequency. You have the power to, and to sustain it.

So much love, we got this!

One Love
Amanda Lorence
27 August 2019

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