22 August 2019

Massive Shifts ~ Aluna Ash ~ 21 August 2019

Please listen to the update from Aluna Ash here.

It's like we're being greatly assisted by the Cosmos to get through this transition. YES PLEEEASE!!! Also, there's supposed to be another mass migration (600 million the last I know) happening on the 23rd, which is just tomorrow my timezone. This may also be a contributing factor to all the rearranging (which I had called the re-writing and re-setting earlier on) that Aluna Ash describes in this update.

Aluna Ash also gives a fresh perspective on Saturn, which we have been told by a few other sources (including Denise Le Fay and Joanna Fay) have been cleared.


Opps- 2nd moon cycle begins 8/23 not 8/22** 8/22 is the last day of the 1st moon cycle.
So with this timing shift, you may have to check what matrix day it is more often..or the "time" which is all just a construct of thought. We developed a web of thoughtforms that created a grid system and an artificial timing frequency that has kept us out of sync with the natural rhythms of synchronicity and the ebb and flow of our multidimensional energy. Now we are re-merging with that. In sense, the false timing construct is dissolved that has kept the artificial timing frequency of the matrix "alive" for many.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is you can bring tools that are connected to your 3rd dimensional experience to your higher dimensional timeline, 5D & beyond.. as long as it's in alignment with you at a heart and soul level. Example: Tarot, tarot is aligned with me but in a different way now than it once was.. I don't watch tarot readings anymore but I enjoy doing readings & I enjoy the energy and archetypes and the symbolism... and the way I do readings is evolving with me as I evolve. Same thing with astrology.. my view on the energy and archetypes has changed so much that I no longer resonate with watching astrology videos like I once did, unless it shows up in my reality (through synchronicity, not really seeking or looking for it) but I still use/talk about astrology. So what I'm saying is if something's aligned with you but you have changed me fall if you can still take that with you and incorporate that into your life in a different way.

We have a couple of massive periods of constant 6D Light Codes coming in soon🤗🤗 basically from about October 23rd to the December 25th Solar Eclipse, which is a pivotal point in this multi-dimensional timeline merge. All in connection to the new cosmic cycle of the Divine Feminine, the tone of this Galactic year & what it represents and re-merging with the 13th gate which has been blocked off during our descending cycle within the Gregorian calendar timing system- 12:60 timing frequency which is a looping system, that in a way, kept many blocked off from the natural rhythms of synchronicity, our multidimensional selves, the natural rhythm of energy and what we call planets, Stars Sun, Moon, Astroids, etc..

In this cycle, more of the collective is moving beyond time & aware of it, so how we measure "time" will change with it. 2012 was the galactic link up to this timing system... there's been a lot of different things said about what 2012 actually was/is/represented. I know it to be the galactic link up of the new system/new paradigm connected to the natural timing frequency & creation point of a new construct through sovereignty that we are experiencing now among other things.
Also wanted to mention Saturn helps to dissolve the ego/personality to break free from karmic cycles/entanglements and is one the transmitters of the Great Central Sun. Saturn can be the distorted Masculine OR the Divine Father- depending on the consciousness & choice. Saturn is not limitation/restriction- he will help to move PAST limitations/restrictions/obligations of the EGO... again, depending on the consciousness.

The frequencies of Saturn in the higher octave helps us to become a master builder through breaking free from the ego/personality- which is the magnetic tie to karmic patterns/timelines. So Saturn is not Karma itself- but a tool, creating geometry patterns/frequencies, that aids in cutting the magnetic ties to karmic experiences of the Ego/personality through the development of the higher mind and merge with the Soul. On the reversed wheel, Saturn burns itself out in Capricorn & the incarnate is no longer bound by "karma." Saturn in Capricorn is also collective karma- so how things play out for many- will be seeing a collective rebalance... it is one of the more powerful energies forcing us to deal w past due to the ego/personality & present moment to prep for the future. Saturn helps us to develop service without selfish motive or desire on the reversed wheel. So on the higher consciousness or awakened path- Saturn is known to bring opportunity not suffering & also creates a triad with Shamballa. The planets respond to our consciousness. So many will feel like things are moving forward in the coming weeks in this moon cycle (known as the Lunar Scorpion Moon-tone 2) and into the 3rd moon cycle (electric moon- tone 3)

8/23-8/24 influx of Light Codes New moon portal- 8/27- 8/30

Rays coming in through the New Moon- 8/30-9/2

Shifts 9/21-923 Equinox to balance the feminine and masculine energies before we have more of the cosmic energy coming in from Mid October to December 25th Solar Eclipse.

This is a powerful & beautiful time. YOU choose your timeline, we're multidimensional & you can move out of any situation!

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