24 August 2019

Mid-Gateway Check In: Magnetic Shift and Intense Upgrades ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 AUgust 2019

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
I AM ocean-side in Ventura at the Disclosure conference right now. It is lovely to see the conversation shifting to unification, and a call for more mass meditations (most in this community are not aware of our three years of SUNday global meditations.) My presentation includes full disclosure on the Gatekeeping experience and interacting with the positive alliances in service to the Ascension.

Kindwhile, our Gateway (August 15-28) is in FULL AMPLIFICATION as Gaia and Solaris shift the magnetics to accommodate the New Earth grid merge which happened last month. The light level is increasing with dramatic intensity, and embodiers are receiving merge codes to assist our Ascension process. We are becoming those open stargates right through our DNA. It may be stimulating one moment and flattening the next (such is the way with magnetic shifts.)
Be sure to get out in nature and join the SUNday Meditations for the weekly code exchange.

Focus on peace and highest timelines, please. Let us use the Gateway opportunity to level up all willing hearts. Remember the collective DNA is activating with the release of Freedom codes – for over a month now.

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