27 August 2019

Portal Gateway Stream Activated ~ Broder Bilal ~ 26 August 2019

"Portal Gateway Stream"
Reaching the Energetic Breakthrough as an Ascending Collective

Source: Broder Bilal

We just had a "Portal" Energy Instream Activated.
Around 14.10 Swedish time - 12.10 pm UTC time.

This is something New, as it came from a "Gigantic Circular Portal" instead of a Star. Do not know the purpose or the location of this.

Energy was felt strongly and still creating this burning sensation. Signature was of "Golden Luminous Colors".

Body can be drained in the beginning as it starts to adapt.

Very physical sensation and sametime as out of body feelings. Body becomes more sensitive as we enter further into these phases and easily react to what we ingest. Wise to eat more Organic Raw-food as the energy-flow also increases in the body.

H3O2 can be very useful. Use the energy from your own Consciousness to charge the water when drinking, effect will be much stronger - felt within minutes and takes away cravling for cooked food. This will greatly support both energetically and physically in these phases.

Free Bio-Energetic Assistance will be provided in few hours.

Brother Bilal

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