26 August 2019

Sananda on the Recent Timeline Convergence ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 25 August 2019

Source: Jenny Schiltz

In meditation today I had a conversation with Sananda and I asked him to share information on where we are and the changes that we’ve all been feeling.
He showed me what looks like a giant Highway with infinite numbers of side roads merging onto the main Highway. He explained that’s there can be bumps in the road, feelings of delay, feelings that things are speeding up beyond control, feelings of uncertainty and even feelings of being lost as we join this massive new timeline.
He then graciously offered to give me this message:
“Humanity is in the process of a great convergence onto a main higher timeline.
This Collective timeline is one that allows everyone to experience the world as they believe it to be. This was accessible before on the lower end of creation but not on the highest possible end. Now we say to you that you have the ability to create and dream forth a reality that has no limitations, no barriers, other than the ones you create within yourself.
It is now up to each of you to let go of the limitations and belief systems that you have held as they no longer apply to your world.
Each of you that are willing to step fully into the role of their creator self will be shown in each moment how they can shift what is perceived “out there”. Those that are willing to take on this great responsibility will also find great reward. By walking in your full power and responsibility you are taking the first steps of coming home within yourselves.
You will find that your definitions of who you are will change or completely Fall Away. Instead of being the actor playing a role you become the energy that holds all the roles. You will be able to move your perception to a much bigger picture. One that allows things to unfold as they will in your life and in the world.
We say to you that the only way through is to love yourself and others back to wholeness. It is through this love of the seemingly unlovable that the fractures within and without will be healed.
Now is the time to lay down the stories, the ones you have created within and the ones you have been told. The truth is only what resides in the open, loved filled, heart.

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