31 August 2019

Soul Alchemy ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 29 August 2012

From 2012....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We get bombarded constantly with low frequency energy and insults - but it doesn't affect us, unless there is something within ourselves that is still in agreement to it, or something in ourselves that we are still working on transforming, like places where those energies like to hook in and take our power.

When we are unconscious it is like we are in a trance, we believe in the stuff coming at us and it lowers our ability to have clarity, discernment and freedom...

When we have unresolved issues, these troubling energies tend to stick and we end up in deep processes, trying to clear them or get our balance and peace of mind back; they pop back up, even when we think we have let it go.

When we are neutral, we don't notice attacks or the triggers in ourselves - or we have at least mastered our reactive nature and the downward spirals that come from allowing it to run the show....

Next time something throws you for a loop - let it assist you in becoming senior to the forces, rather than allowing them to take you down.

To consciously let it go - locate the place within that lacks self-love and self worth and breathe in the unconditional love of Spirit and remember our multi-dimensional nature that knows it is not about form or what we see in reality - it is about the energy we hold and what we choose to do with all that is coming at us.

We are not meant to take it - we are meant to alter it by being conscious of how we deal with it and interact with the energy.

This is how we can really de-program, create solid boundaries and protection and this is how we can bring the light and truth of our higher self, into our physical experience.

When we can replace all the negatives, with a higher response - we are doing soul-alchemy and changing the game! 

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