24 August 2019

Spiritual Maturity ~ Jason Estes ~ 23 August 2019 / 10 November 2017

I've posted this before, but Jason Estes is referring to it now so here it is again.

Source: Jason Estes

This will be very helpful for navigating the new timeline, take a moment and ask yourself where you are honestly feel free to discuss in comments below  

From 17 November 2017
Today I want to talk about a concept I’ve been playing with a lot these last few months
Spiritual maturity: the ability to know where you are and be ok with it.
Spiritual Maturity is one of the most important things we will ever work on and it comes from lifetimes of work and support while you are born in this life with no spiritual maturity, you are quickly tested on it and you ether evolve or get stuck. Today I want to shed some light on the process of becoming spiritually mature and I will break it down into 10 easy steps to follow
Step 1: I know nothing and am nothing: step 1 is about saying I am 0, this step is a major step and saying it out loud will spark tons of feelings and thoughts, the key is to meditate on this for a few moments.
Step 2: I am good at ____________ I am not good at ___________, becoming aware of your gifts and weakness is a key step to evolving into something greater, we all are naturally skillful at things and knowing that helps us to become better human beings. The reason we also want to know what we are not good at is to keep ourselves humble and honest. This keeps you from inflating into something your not.
Step 3: Past lives have got to go. While it’s a fun game to know who you’ve been in other lives it’s not helpful or relevant at early stages of spiritual maturity as it inflates your sense of self-worth and only leads to crashes later. What has been is a tool that helps you to become greater to limit yourself by who you were is to put yourself in a loop that is never ending instead of progressing forward.
Step 4: Listen and observe learn where people truly are not where they say they are. This will teach you aton about the world and those you have given power away too, it also helps you to understand why you have given power away too the influences in your life.
Step 5: Its time to take the forces in your life that control you and make them influences you have choices over again. Now that you’ve taken the time to observe and learn what is going on in your world its time you take responsibility for giving away the power to all the false prophets and vices you have taken on, clean up the space so you can find yourself again.
Step 6: time to build as you for you. This is a huge phase you now know where u are and where you arnt and its time to build up from there into who you will become, while who you are is a ball of life times of trauma and memories, you are now on the journey to becoming yourself and its important to celebrate you made it this far as most people give up before they summit the mountain of shit they have built for themselves over eternity.
Step 7: total responsibility. So now you’ve summited the mound of shit that is all the karma you’ve accrued its easy to blame and shame your world for the mess you made but this step is about taking each piece of shit you created and cleaning it up yourself, this however can be done with a mentor or guide you trust however you are the one who has to do the work otherwise the shit just gets moved not cleared. Remember its ok to fall on your face or feel clumsy as your now pushing forward and this is the greatest life you’ve ever lived because you have chosen to be aware of it. So this means this moment is the turning point in your life and it may seem or feel overwhelming to see fully the depth on your process to get to this point however this is the most important step to the process of becoming the wholeness of who you are. 
Step 8: understanding the levels. So as we said before the mound of shit you built to feel taller has to be cleaned up but this will be done in levels through various tests, and you will fail and u will fall short and you will have issues as you begin to understand the various levels but if you keep going and clean up once and for all someday you will build on truth and it will never be shaken or taken from you, this is the ethical foundation Ascended Mastery begins at. 
So what is Ascended Mastery? “Ascended Mastery: the ability to tap into greater versions of oneself to explore the greatness of your being from other layers and levels with a mastery of who you have been.“ each time we incarnate we do so to learn and deepen the truth of ourselves but we do It from various angles and perspectives which at first glance seem random but each incarnation is part of a tapestry that assists us to fully see from the eyes of eternity, the reason I go into this is because while some lives may seem bigger and more expanded they are in fact only 1 piece of the puzzle and as u begin to divine into the ascended mastery of your being a major pit fall is to attach to 1 point of view as being better then another and thus in life X I was greater then I am now becomes a belief you take on, the truth is again you are the best version of you in all of time and space right now, so again don’t fall for the pit fall of thinking another life had more value because it doesn’t. now that you understand that we can go deeper into understanding the levels, which quite simply put is this, As I begin to know and deepen the love I have for myself now I begin to see and know the love I had for myself then(past present future selves) and as this happens I begin to know and love myself more, this process is called momentum and it’s the key to moving forward keeping this momentum up allows you to progress to greater games and greater levels within the game, always remembering as you level up you will be handed more stuff to deal with from deeper levels of this life mixed with karma from other lives, so while It may seem hopeless and impossible it is not never ending nor is it impossible you will come to know a greater you in the process as long as you don’t give up you will someday solve it, remember all this karma didn’t happen over night so you will not clear it over night.
Step 9: I am more then just me. I am more then just me means its time to delve into the infinite I am that I am, which quite simply put means all the issues in my world were built by me in some version of time and space and now I can clean it up so if I see an issue on the news I can work through the parts of me who need that issue to unfold, if I see an issue with a friend I can work through the issue within me and solve the issue with that friend, while this is your process it’s important to note when u begin to do this from this place you will see your world shift as well, don’t in any way think the world owes you for what you have done as all your doing is cleaning up your own messes.
Step 10: that which I build on truth will echo through eternity unlocking greater truth for me tomorrow. This is the greatest step it means you are mature enough to know that the game will never end but you are happy enough in that truth to build new games to assist the older games to come into greater levels of truth and thus have become spiritually matured. Remember spiritual maturity is an eternal game so celebrate often each time you build a creation on truth as it’s the only way to finish that level.
Hopefully this helps you understand and deepen your spiritual maturity as these lessons were key for me in my progress ::hugs::

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