27 August 2019

SR Readings and Thoughts

Space Observing System
When I saw that patch of activity shown by the left arrow, it somehow gave me a very benevolent sense, as if something positive in a major way had occurred. The second arrow shows some almost regular bursts, and of course the latest activity shows strong readings.

I woke up with a terrible headache this morning, and tried to backtrack my previous day to see what I could have done to trigger it. I could think of nothing. Of course, there's always the suspicion that some major energy wave could have precipitated it, but I don't like making that assumption even though we seem to be having a wave or two (or more ~ "braided wave" as I like to think of it) seemingly all the time now.

Going by what I've come across, Aluna Ash and Broder Bilal have reported some energy occurrence just recently, and given the latest SR reading, I would certainly say that yes, it's a major one alright.

Just a few hours ago, about the time the latest SR burst presented, I saw everything surrounded by rainbow bands everywhere ~ the walls, around objects, everywhere! It didn't last too long before they subsided, maybe a few minutes. I don't know if it's the after-effect of my earlier headache, or something else. It's been some time since I last saw these rainbow formations in my home.

Giving thanks and gratitude to all these Cosmic energies coming in 💖💖 Absorb, assimilate and anchor them in!

Namaste & Blessings! 💜

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