23 August 2019

Unlocking the Highest Potentials for All ~ Sandra Walter ~ 22 August 2019

When we choose to participate in Ascension and DNA activation, we become part of a unified field of conscious intent to accelerate change

Source: Sandra Walter

We activate collective DNA fields (the HUman Heart grid), and connect with Gaia's Crystalline grid, granting access to the Ascended realm of New Earth.

Science and spirituality are beginning to exchange information, in order to accelerate our understanding of both. This is a lovely side-effect of Unity Consciousness; no more separation ... anywhere.

I AM honored to contribute to that conversation, sharing quantum DNA intel from the channeled perspective with those exploring new discoveries in the lab.

In the Ascension process, we honor the step-by-step function of each phase of Crystalline DNA activation. They parallel each other, because DNA is key to our experience of Ascension in these realms.

#Ascension is a brilliant and challenging process. For deeply comprehensive courses and tools on the Ascension, DNA, Wayshowing and Ascension-related topics, visit my services site at https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/

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