22 August 2019

When Unconditional Love Isn't ~ Eric Raines ~ 21 August 2019

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose ~ Yoda
Eric Raines relates an interesting healing experience he encountered ~ when fear is the foundation for unconditional love.

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

I have come across some very interesting familial connections in this etheric and multidimensional work we do here at Unleashing Natural Humanity.

One of them was the heavy and negative energies that can be associated with unconditional love.

"But unconditional love cannot be dense or heavy, that makes no sense."

I get it. Allow me to explain.

I had a client with a daughter who suffered from a severe form of scoliosis. Her spine looks like an S from the front view and she is forced by her own body structure to never have a moment of relaxation or a full stretch to relieve tension.

Her mother loves her fiercely. Her mother would give anything for her little girl. I can feel this radiance, I can see this knowing reflecting in her daughters eyes.

Behind this love is fear for her daughter about other kids making fun of her and how that makes her feel. Worry that she might accidentally hurt herself because she is in such fragile body. Guilt that she did something wrong when she was gestating her precious baby. Anger about the situation and how helpless she is to do anything about it.

Needless to say, the dichotomy of these conflicting energies ended up playing havoc in the daughters body, already susceptible to physical stress.

As soon as we directed the mother into the reason why she felt those dense energies, a raging bonfire of tender, unconditional love for her little girl and then used them to clear out that fear, worry, guilt and anger, much of the tension left her daughters body.

She still has scoliosis, but is able to relax, can stand up straighter and is now able to work her body to stretch and balance, literally revolutionizing her ability to exist inside of her body.

Humans....we can do some convoluted things.  

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