22 September 2019

A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2019 Surf Report ~ True Decisions!

A powerful report.

Source: Solara Anani

September is a powerful month of great movement that begins on one frequency band and ends on another. We may enter the month with a certain perspective and think that is what's really happening, but exit the month with a greatly expanded awareness that reveals to us a whole new reality. This is happening because it's time for many of us to make True Decisions that realign us to our True Path and True Purpose. For some, this shift will be so strong that it will feel like we are embodying more of our True Selves than we ever imagined possible.
The month of September will bring many issues to a head. The truth is coming out very fast now. 
Everything that has been hidden for centuries is being blown wide open. Light is flooding into the secret areas of darkness. We need to get our heads out of the sand right away and see what is really happening. We are all collectively and individually facing the things that most push us to our evolutionary breakthrough. It is an intense time, a wild roller coaster ride, the choppiest surf we have ever ridden ~ and yet it is preparing and pushing us onto the next level.
Many people are hovering on the brink of decision. These are vitally important decisions that have the potential to be life changing. If we make True Decisions, they can change the course of our lives by dislodging us from the places where we've been stuck on our old tracks. True Decisions can dissolve the places within us that have kept us locked into the old Template of Duality.
In September, decisions need to be made. This cannot be avoided, even though some of us might try to pretend that this isn't necessary, while doing our utmost to remain in a permanent state of indecision. When we are stuck in indecision, it's like a deer being caught in the headlights. We become frozen into our old position and can't see where to go. This is when our old fears and blocks become distorted and magnified. We might be able to feel the importance of making a decision, but don't know what to do. We are afraid that if we make a True Decision, that it might not happen. It might not be real. This is when it feels "safer" not to make any decision at all. We camouflage our state of indecision by saying that "We're going with the flow", while what this really means is that we're blocking the flow and not allowing it to come in.
When we are unable to make a decision, we can easily slip into default decisions. Not making a decision is actually making a decision TO REMAIN WHERE WE ARE. Fortunately, September's energies are greatly supporting us to make conscious True Decisions from the depths of our Heart's Knowingness. September almost pushes us into making decisions that move us into a totally new track that is aligned with our True Coordinates.
At the end of August - beginning of September was THE FIRST GREAT ROAR OF THE MIGHTY WINGED LION....
The magnificent Aslans (the huge Golden, Winged Lions) are awakening and coming ever closer. They are encircling the planet with the immense power of their LOVE. This is a momentous occurrence, as they have never done this before. The Aslans are calling to us to leave duality behind and step forward to join with them as ONE TRUE BEING.
If we make True Decisions in September, we will experience a quickening of our True Purpose. There will be a sense of RETURNING HOME TO OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES on a level which we have never experienced before. This is what we've long awaited. The time is finally here!

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