17 September 2019

Active Ascension Week ~ Maureen Moss ~ 16 September 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

An Active Ascension Week. Powerful Energies Have Already Begun.
(Thank you Amanda for the update on the energies which I had also begun feeling!)

It is apparent now that each second of our lives are taking us deeper and deeper into the return of the pattern of wholeness...the Christ Consciousness or God Consciousness… Union with our Sacred Higher Selves/Soul and a return to Joy.

Each incoming wave or patterns from deep space are certainly provoking the same.

There are no moments where life isn’t calling us to meet ourselves anew. It is absolutely profound to experience this kind of momentum of Light and frequency surrounding us day upon day, winding its way inside of us, loosening our grip on density and phasing out our minds as we have known them.

This week we are in a very active 'ascension' movement. Some will find themselves acclimating more to 5D while others will experience a calm need to work more deeply to take whatever comes up as a trigger or a fear... seeing it for what it truly is (no shame, now blame,) releasing it, integrating what has come up as Truth and moving on. Integration is KEY.

From personal experience I discovered myself in a state of Bliss for several days throughout this month as I stepped away fully from any work. I was fully in the now. Fully immersed in nature. No thoughts, no interest in food... not even water (surprisingly,) though as soon as I had an errant thought or a catalyst evoked a response I slipped down to discover and release what was necessary and integrate the wisdom coming from it.

As I've shared before... this type of activity of consciousness is a force multiplier for LOVE.

There is great power in this activity and great satisfaction. Immediately ones frequency rises to meet the next highest octave of Life.

Pay close attention to every sign, incoming wave, symbol, body request or ruffle in your energy field. This is a week to stabilize the Light, the Truth, the Frequency of your being...and to continue. Also please don't consider a succession of numbers to be your answer. All answers come from Within you.

Be Blessed, Peaceful and Know You are Loved,

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