12 September 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 12 September 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


LOVE allows us access to the energetic HIGH HEART.
The HIGH HEART is an energetic portal, to the Field of NO GRAVITY.
Our own CONSCIOUSNESS facet (focal point of light), exists in the field of NO GRAVITY, NO TIME, and NO SPACE.

Our brain, exists in the solid human vehicle WITHIN the field of GRAVITY, TIME and SPACE. The brain processes SINE WAVES based on it’s ability; how much of the brain’s capacity is being used.
The brain’s capacity depends on ELECTRIC, ENERGY frequency and flow (Hz).

The more we still the human mind and it’s thoughts,
The more we reside in LOVE,
The more we access our HIGH HEART,
The more we raise our human and brain’s energetic frequency (Hz).

So the more areas of the BRAIN ignite, in sequence, upgrading our own BRAIN.

The more we DEFINE things by the brain,
The more we restrict ourselves or others because of our beliefs,
The more we set up NEW rules born of the mind,
The MORE we are STAYING in the mind.

So just energetically cycling, adding new experiences by the BRAIN, for the life-form.

We CYCLE as energy. Not rising, not spiralling as energy.

This is WHY, if choosing ‘Ascension’:
We go into heart,
Practice heart breath,
Breath into our heart portal,
Go into stillness,
BE, of no thoughts,
Be present,
Answer to LOVE not the MIND or another’s mind.

We chose to let the mind take a back seat, just for a little while...

For at a given point, based on the brain’s INCREASING ENERGETIC frequency, and it’s own increased capacity the brain is continually igniting IF WE STILL THE MIND and BE IN HEART:
We then become the CONSCIOUSNESS that exists in no GRAVITY, NO TIME or SPACE.

A CONSCIOUSNESS that is not IN the solid body.

Able to utilise the body.
Able to then USE the human brain, in more advanced ways.
Where MORE percentage of the human brain is being utilised BY our Consciousness.
Our Consciousness is WITHIN the UNIFIED field. ONE with everything simultaneously.

So THEN...all thoughts (sine waves received and coherently understood), all words expressed, actions taken, come from CONSCIOUSNESS: which is UNIFIED, LOVE, EQUAL, INTEGRITY, PEACE.

At One with the Fields of Source.

Where the brain, having a former desire to control itself or others, allows the FLOW of PURE conscious awareness that ONLY exists in the NOW moment, in the field of NO TIME.

We are not there yet, not FULLY operational as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS yet, but we ARE NOW IN this change-over transitional period. It takes ‘time’, so no rush or pressure born of the mind. And it takes inner space, quiet, heart based frequency, to observe the changes occurring within each.

Each can do this, if it is their choice. Just a choice, there’s no right or wrong path or perception.

So much love sent to ALL,
Amanda Lorence
12 September 2019

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