19 September 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 18 September 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

MORE DATA relating to GAIA MAPPING POST dated 17 Sept 2019:

I know that people of all stages of awakening read the WAYSHOWERS posts. To help those that are perhaps new to reading this wall:

Many of the questions asking for ‘more info’ are already here in previous posts or videos. If you do separate searches in this wall for any topic you require more data on, you will find explanations and detail. Eg:
Robes (energetic),
Gaia Mapping,
White Light,
Rainbow Light,
The three trajectories (spoken and shown on the latest September SOULOGY Show with Todd Medina and me. Also written about in 2014, and 2015.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do internet search and research several sites to form your own perception.

The Eagle: has and is known for having much wisdom, that is being understood for the paths of some human beings. So research the Eagle in history.

Soul Merges: it has since been known since writing this post that an energetic soul merge is an integration of energy to the living human’s DNA, from one soul to another. 2 souls where both humans are living exchange energy to each’s DNA. If one soul is not living, their Soul energy is energetically embedded into the living human’s DNA. All via mutual and conscious agreement. And for some very conscious awareness as it takes place.

In terms of this post not making sense: it is direct data, in its purest form from 5D Gaia. Data is given, seen, known at 5D frequency. It is not channeling, and to expand the data into more detail will only distort the data into 4D or 3D interpretations, not it’s purest form. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand everything written. I am just the conduit. And will share anyway, as it’s for everyone.

I will always try to give data as pure as I possibly can. Gaia Mapping, ie. 5D data will never be expanded linear text explanations. It’s short and succinct. Some will understand, some won’t. Other data I embody I always try and explain in more detail.

The higher we go, the less linear it all gets. Where human explanations don’t come close as linear language shows to have it’s limitations in translating what actually happens.

Just look after you and if it doesn’t resonate, please just discard.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
18 September 2019

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