22 September 2019

Atlantean Education ~ Diana Cooper & Tim Whild

Source: Diana Cooper

When the Atlantean children were about three they were taken in small groups into nature, where they learned about the natural and spiritual world. Their teachers were dedicated and chosen for their innate ability to relate to children of that age. As the youngsters delved into the secrets of nature, they were encouraged to look at life with enlightened eyes.๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒฒ

Even at this age, the children were taught to concentrate, focus and use their imagination, as this was the perfect basis for the mind control techniques that they would learn when they were old enough to manifest and create.

Whatever the age of the child, there was a huge emphasis on relaxation. Schools were places of calm and happiness.
Games, fun, music and special breathing techniques enabled children to relax so that they could absorb information very easily. Education literally means drawing out your latent talents, and this was the intention of the teachers for their charges.

When the children were older, they would practise relaxing down to a cellular level. This allowed the beads or codons in their 12 strands of DNA to stretch out and touch each other perfectly.

⚡️This connection enabled them to access their full potential...⚡️

Taken from the book The Archangel guide To Enlightenment and Mastery by myself Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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