26 September 2019

Creative Expressions ~ Broder Bilal ~ 25 September 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

We are at a point in the transition where we have become aware of 3:D/4:D energies that affects how our reality is Created.

With the Creation of one´s reality, is the Mastery of Energies that let us interact with the life by laws governing 3:D/4:D Experiences. You become aware of very fine energies behind the driving forces of the life, motivational direction on how to create the daily reality.

You become aware of how to "program" physical vessel so you can change the direction of this experience as you like.

How to use Thoughts, Intentions, Visualization, Feelings - Your own Inner Energies to create "magnetic attractions" in the flow of timeline continuum. These magnetic attractions could be called the "Driving forces", what propels you in your daily life.

You become aware of your own flow, the upwards and downwards movement. Energies of others as well. This is the Consciousness Expanding - More energies can be sensed, understood and worked with.

You begin to see how finer energies interact with other energies. How these energies affects you and how to Consciously interact with the energies that hold this Worldly Reality as you see it.

This is where Creative Expressions can be manifested in reality quicker and let you become a more Active and Consciously Co-Creator. In this exciting stage, we begin to see beyond the mental limitations we were used to.

Brother Bilal

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