10 September 2019

Deep Dive: Jason Estes #14: Making Sense of the Mess and Understanding Debt (Samadhi Speaks)

I've posted this video before, here it is again as it's the Deep Dive for this week.

And this is what Jason wrote about the video:
Since this video was made i've changed my approach to 60% towards taxes and cost of living and the other 40% broken down into 20% debt/investment 20% fun money, or more aggressive 30% debt/investment 10% fun money
Source: Jason Estes

Deep Dive:
Each Tuesday, I will post a new video from the MTVOTeam YouTube page. We’ll have 7 days to explore each video and share our experiences and questions in the comments.

How to participate:
-Watch the video within the 7 day window
-Share your insights, experiences, and questions below (at Jason's page, link above)

Deep dive video is (link)
(Released on 3/12/2019)

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