28 September 2019

Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift ~ Asur'Ana ~ 27 September 2019

"Ascending while blind...." Yep that's how it feels like sometimes most times.

Asur'Ana's perspective of False Gods, as explained in this message, is intriguing. I know you will be appropriately led by your Higher Guidance regarding the validity ~ or otherwise ~ of this post :)  There are several developments as well as historical events detailed here, including reports about the Pleiadians. Generally, a wonderful progress report about Planetary Ascension and that of her Humanity, aligning nicely with several posts over the past couple of weeks.

The explanation for the creation of Astral layers (from which we have "ascended" not too long ago) was helpful to me, as it answered my long-standing curiosity. Ditto the "creation" of "ghosts". I also found the explanation for Time Compression to be fascinating ~ the equivalent of Jason Estes' Data Points. Finally, a quick reminder that we are the "designated ascendee" for all our past selves.

PS. In all honesty, it is relatively easy for me to read posts such as this one because I do not feel any connected to any particular race. I also do not hold strongly to the past, and have very little affinity for many tribes. So I'm not really "invested" in a specific manner to any "group", although I fully understand how differently some may feel regarding this message from Asur'Ana, should one choose to read through it.

Source: Aligning With Earth

There are many changes underfoot, and indeed they are most miraculous. First and foremost, Earth has completed and is stabilizing at Initiation 4200 in the nonphysical, 3500 in the physical in her global ascension. What exactly does this mean? It means that Earth’s overall vibration has risen over double in less than one 12-month cycle! For Earth, this is a most magnificent goal, as global ascension has come forth at a seeming snail’s pace over the past many centuries.

Many understand that Earth and your solar system have entered the first Star Gate of the Great Central Sun. The frequencies that are penetrating Earth’s atmosphere and form have increased the pace of molecular rotation enough that a more rapid ascension is underway than ever possible prior to entry. Why is this so? Photonic energy causes two things; it causes molecular rotation to speed up, and it causes the crystalline genetic structure required for biological ascension to occur; the more photonic energy available, the more rapid the ascension for all species upon Earth.

Prior to entry of the first Star Gate, the photonic energy available was less than one half of what is now experienced in present time. In December 2019, Earth will enter the second Star Gate and this again will double the amount of photon energy available. For those choosing to ascend now, the pace of ascension is much more rapid than previously possible. However, there are some hitches, and such comes from an impartial or incomplete map for human ascension, along with all species upon Earth. So much information and so many records have gone missing, that it is like ascending while blind, without knowing where one is headed, and often before one realizes it, one has fallen off of a cliff!

The False Gods

Mother Earth would like to explain that there have been many souls present upon Earth that are “False Gods”. The souls that have guided Earth for a long time and have been lost themselves, and knew not where “home” was, are known as “False Gods”. Such False Gods are being removed from Earth at this time and removed from all jurisdictions including human jurisdiction.

Why? Any soul that is lost will lead a creation astray, and in the misleading will ensure a failed ascension. Mother Earth chooses not to fail in her choice to ascend, but succeed, and therefore is completing her karma with such souls that have misguided her in the past and removing them from Earth. In the completion of all karmic cause of how such souls came to be a guiding force of Earth, such souls may return to where they came from and continue their dance elsewhere in time and space. One day, such souls will also choose to go home. However, one can only go home in the creation from which one emanates, and so in returning these souls to their creation of origin, there is a better opportunity for each in finding their way home just as Earth is doing in present time. Therefore, it is perhaps the greatest gift that could be given to such lost souls.

Now we would like to delve further into how the “Ascended Masters” in human form became to be thought of as “Gods” or “Goddesses” of Earth and humanity along with the origins of the Melchizedek Order.

Please read on....

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