11 September 2019

Echoes from Laura Eisenhower ~ 11 September 2013

There are times when I come across other people's expressions of what I myself think, and they uplift me through their kindred words. Then there are times when these people's expressions not only uplift me but make me go, "Whoa....I wish I could have written that...." in great respect and appreciation. This, from Laura Eisenhower 6 years ago, falls in the latter category.

Laura also mentions something I've repeatedly cautioned against ~ if we burrow deep into the rabbit hole, make sure we are able to get out again. 

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Watch out for how you react to World news, watch out for expectations regarding the governments doing the most beneficial thing, watch out for despair and turn all rage into the passion to be truly empowered and free from the Archontic matrix.

Holding a positive perspective does not mean that you are putting your head in the sand, not if your path has been about being in the sand storm. If you can go into the rabbit hole and out again, care so deeply that it hurts to be alive, dedicate and devote your soul to the organic ascension path and you can still hear all the news and smile, it's not cause you don't care or feel it's not urgent or have fallen into zombie mode - it means you can clearly see the path that you are on and you refuse to have your dream corrupted by the agendas and interests of those who want to drag us into descension, all propagated to take our hope and creative power and attention away from this incredible time of expansion and unification.

This shift into higher Earth energies happens from within and the laws of how it takes place has nothing to do with anything outside of ourselves, except for how we influence the world at large when we claim our full sovereignty, purify the negative Ego and trust in our abilities to manifest our dreams, even if we witness the nightmare that has been artificially generated to capture souls and the minds of the masses.

The only real Truth is our Divine power and it is our choice to ignore it or give that vital essence away to those who do not honor it and who wish to sabotage its potential.

Keep creating from the inside out and stand in your Truth and Divine birthright!

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