11 September 2019

Evolving Consciousness ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 10 September 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

To help you rely more on your own Self, your Consciousness (Higher Self):

You can practice initially creating a communication method of “Yes” and “No”. This when mastered, becomes a system for the brain to ask questions to your non physical Energeric Consciousness. You’ll receive a “Yes” or a “No” to each question posed. When there is no answer at all, it is because the question can not be answered either:
1] Accurately enough, via the “Yes/No” system.
2] Your Higher Self wishes you to experience something first, in your physical life, before the answer can be given. To know the answer would effect that experience, even halt it, via the separated mind’s Will.

1] Be very still. No movement. Relax the body completely.
2] Ask a question (not out loud, but within the brain), that has a “Yes” or “ No” answer to it, that you (the mind) already KNOWS the answer to. Make the question VERY simple and CLEAR.
3] With acute mental focus, notice which part of the body moves INVOLUNTARILY. I stress the movement will be INVOLUNTARY. With no manipulation from the mind to move any part of the body.
4] If nothing moves, ask the same question again. Repeat daily the very same question, until you receive an INVOLUNTARY movement to a part of your body.
5] If the answer already KNOWN to the brain, was “Yes”, note the part of the body that moved. That is the INVOLUNTARY movement your Consciousness is creating energetically, to the body, for a “YES” answer.
4] Ask another question, that your brain knows the answer to, that has a “Yes” answer. Notice the same part of the body moves.
5] Practice asking questions you know the answer to is “Yes”. Do this just once each day. Don’t overload the mind or the practice as at early stage it could get confusing. You want things to be super clear. Key is stillness of the body and cease chatter of the mind. Be focused. Make the question simple, not vague, but clear, to allow the answer to be a “Yes”. As you do this, you ARE establishing a link that you can work with, between the human brain and your consciousness.
6] When you have proved to yourself, where the body moves INVOLUNTARILY to create a “Yes” answer, do the same process for “No”. So again, ask a question your mind already knows the answer to is “No”, and observe which other part of the body moves. Note the body part that moves, signifying a “No” answer from your consciousness.
7] At first, the movement may be very subtle. It will increase in sharpness as you use this technique.
8] Take your own time with this learning and practice. You want it to be truthful. So do it with your own integrity, not rushing, be sure of your method. Even if the mind wants this ability right now
9] When you have proved to yourself, to your mind, that you have established a TRUTHFUL connection system to your consciousness, ask a question you do NOT know the answer to. You’ll get a “Yes” or a “No” answer via one of the two INVOLUNTARY movements of your body, that you have already now established.

Body parts that move could be that the eyelids twitch, a knee creates a sensation, your head moves a certain way, a finger flicks, your left foot kicks etc. For me, my head nods like a donkey for “Yes”, and gently and slowly shakes my head for “No”. You’ll have your unique body movement, and this is a way for you to gain answers to questions. Remember, it’s a movement not forced or manipulated in any single way by your mind. If the mind tries to control this, you won’t get an accurate answer as the energy from your pure consciousness has been manipulated by a mind that does not know, but may desire a particular answer. If truth is required, let the mind only ask the question, with no desire to control the body movement.

Hope that helps. You already have the power.

Amanda Lorence
10 September 2019


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