11 September 2019

Fear of the Self ~ Lee Harris ~ 9 September 2019

Everything in Life can shift and change
Source: Lee Harris 

Conquering the self - the fear of the self - is going to be what draws in many people to consciousness. 
But what they will realize as they start that journey is, there is no conquering required here. Instead there is a home inside and outside you that you have forgotten how to hear and how to feel. By giving it some attention, everything in life can shift and change. 

The chaos of the world will continue until it is done. But the chaos of your world in response does not have to go that way. You can be a pillar for others, for your own life.

And in these very chaotic times, there is the opportunity to build something that no one else will notice until you are ready to unveil it. For they are so distracted by everything that is going on that this is the perfect time to build something that, if everyone were watching you, you might not feel so bold in building.

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