12 September 2019

HUGE Incoming Wave & Update ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 12 September 2019

A HUGE Incoming Wave will arrive in 4-8 hours. Will create more internal shifts based on your stage. Plasma is here NOW. One Love

Source: Amanda Lorence


KEEP GOING!!! πŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
Your Consciousness has NO GRAVITY. It is Energetic, Sovereign and Free. It resides outside of the dream.

Outside of the dream reality/hologram/illusion, there is no HUMAN thought system; so no burden, no worry, no control, no heaviness, no man made rules, no mind constraints the mind imposes through it’s forgetfulness. The brain being a processor of Sine Waves, within a solid dream reality, can only interpret Sine Waves based on the brains own ability to process them. As we raise our human energetic frequency, we activate our brain again and again, the neurones fire up in patterned sequences again and again, so our brain is able to interpret MORE accurately, the Sine Waves being transmitted by our own Consciousness facet, created by the Creator.

There is just the ONE eternal design that is ALL allowing of ITSELF.

Via our heart frequency and portal, our Consciousness LIFTS us out of Mind, out of human restrictions imposed on to itself or others. It lifts us energetically into ITSELF.

Consciousness does not descend into the Solid human body, for CONSCIOUSNESS resides OUTSIDE of the GRAVITATIONAL FIELD the brain/human body exists in. We raise (ascend) our human energetic frequency (Hz) to become Consciousness outside of GRAVITY, TIME and SPACE, operating the human vehicle from that vantage point that is not IN the body. So we will see the body, operate it, but not be IN it.

Step by step, in this TRANSITORY period, we are gently becoming Pure Consciousness. Surrendering, letting go, again and again to raise our frequency! Free of the human restrictions of the mind that resides within 3D/4D reality, as our spirit becomes US in this TRANSITION period.

Any fight, any constraint, any restrictions we make to ourselves or impose on others is/was born of the human mind. Which are infinite perceptions, no right or wrong perception, behind the veil of amnesia, all for Creator’s experience of ITSelf.

For some now, and others shall follow if they choose it, limited perceptions are gone, as we have become Sovereign and choose OUR Freedom. Freedom is not born FROM the solid reality itself; Freedom is born by freeing our mind first, to then BE FREE and create/bring in that Freedom INTO our chosen reality. In a knowing, in a pureness of integrity, that EACH, at their core essence are ALSO Free. All are equal. As within, so without.

ONE infinite Love. One entirety.

Amanda Lorence
12 September 2019

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