23 September 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 23 September 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Window is now closed, give your body the rest and process time it needs to assist with coming back into phase and within next 3 days or so we should stabilize

that was an intense window but it was simply a glimpse into whats to come so do what you can to prepare for Oct

my advice is to begin some form of daily practice and enhance it weekly by a small amount creating momentum which will assist a lot when going into stronger energies

stay hydrated and perhaps do something to assist your body to cleanse out the outdated whether that be a fast or a cleanse both could be very helpful

know that while this next month is strong we have been prepared for this and it is going to assist us to get on track with the grand design of our beings so while its happening remember its happening for you ::hugs::

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