19 September 2019

Jason Estes with Todd Medina ~ 18 September 2019

Posting this first for those interested, I'm on the move and have limited opportunity to spend online.

Please access the video here.

**Update: Brief notes about some of the topics discussed:
  • Black Hole lit up and sending energies from Omniverse into our Universe ~ this is a huge deal 
  • End September, Earth was woven back into the Omniversal potential ~ that means we are also reconnecting back to the Omniversal potential of ourselves, which was unwoven during Atlantis' fall
  • Don't need to hold on to anything and believe it's true anymore (also referencing Tool's latest release about illusionary Spirituality ~ Fear Inoculum ~ and how to break free)
  • What we understand about ourselves is less than 1% of Who We Truly Are
  • Example of pumice stones helping to heal Great Barrier Reef ~ Humanity would never have been able to do that, but Nature can; our Planet knows what it's doing. Continue to do what's right with us, and let the Planet do what it needs to do, stop trying to control it
  • Amazon fires are another example of allowing the Planet to do what it needs to do, at the right time
  • The you that you thought you were, that you had to be so that the world could heal and grow, is dead 
  • Wounded Healers who didn't know they were wounded healers, the time is over
  • Sun Self-Coding ~ our DNA opens up and unlocked; it's a trial phase to get ready for very powerful October
  • 3 days to deep dive into ourselves before October
  • Everyone on Earth is a wounded healer, until they're not
  • LET GO OF EVERYTHING ~ identity, gender, every word, everything! Every word is a stair that got us Home, and now we're Home and it's time to build the world we've waited for because no one else is going to do it for us
  • It's not about labels, it's about BEing
  • Going forward, it's all about your choice, no one to blame or shame or judge
  • Soul is transforming back to its own magnificence, and this also changes the body (24-mins) so we need to help our body. SELF-LOVE is key. Be a healer to yourself, talk to body, massage etc
  • Cellular detox: Boil water, place pinch salt and pour water over it, let sit for 12 minutes. Alternate with pinch sugar. Bless and drink. Repeat with salt, then sugar (4 glasses total)
  • Suggestions: Miracle Soap (also cleans energy fields), Bioplasma Cell Salts (energy that comes in burns through cell salts very fast), Dr Willard's Water, TRC Trace Minerals. OR take a picture of these products and connect with them if you're unable to buy them
  • (33-minutes) 64 Data Points at end October (24 early 2019), end December @68, end Jan 2020 @74, 80 end Feb, 86 end Mar, 92 end April, 95 end May
  • Body will need support, talk with it!
  • Total October: Disclosure ~ Terraforming of Planet's atmosphere, and changing back to original template, we'll undergo very very strong detox physically
  • 5 Oct ~ 5 point influx, 11 Oct ~ 3 pt; 17 Oct ~ 3 pt; 21 Oct ~ 5 pt; 23 Oct ~ 7 pt; 28 - 31 Oct ~ Celestial Awakening (last Ascended Master gift)....that's what starts Total Disclosure & Terraforming and thereafter Celestial Light will be permanent for at least 2000 years
  • By end May 2020 may get physical Disclosure
  • 2019 practice year for how to live in ascended world, training wheels come off 11 Jan 2020
  • New World is going to be incredible
  • (42-minutes) High level of Celestial Light from October ~ strips away all that is not authentic, atmosphere brought back to original, our abilities return (gradually)
  • We are water, and as water updates, we update
  • At 1% now, can we imagine what having more would be like
  • We're connecting back to the Omniverse
  • Be Good, Do Good, Have Faith, Enjoy The Ride
  • World also going through detox ~ all the horrible things occurring and being brought out
  • Sun being updated to become Omniversal Portal (Sun Source Coding); how we understand our Celestial Self comes from Sun therefore we're getting Omniversal Codes
  • 15 - 18 Oct ~ we're getting these Solar updates
  •  After Atlantis fell and unwove entire Universe, we've been on time-out and needed to be responsible. We're now able to re-join other Universes
  • Key to Peace is to resolve our inner wars
  • We ascend the body through teaching it
  • We are better than or worse than someone else in something, so there is hierarchy in Universe
  • Time for specialising is past because we're coming into Wholeness
  • Eating what's in alignment with our body will help us
  • October - May 2020: body-intensive phase, so pay " very very close attention" to what works for your body
  • There was a time when death (by choice, when ready) was seen as a transition to move on into something greater, and Jason feels that this is where we're heading towards
  • For first time in very long while, clarity / insight / wisdom levels are higher than doubt / confusion / misunderstanding; so if there's anything in your life that you don't like, ask yourself why
  • Take 5 minutes/day to go inward and get clarity, it's going to get easier and easier
  • No longer able to stand on the sidelines, you either ascend or you won't. It's all between you and your body.

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