24 September 2019

Light Quotient on the Rise ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 September 2019

The Cosmic Stargates are open, within and without.
Schumann Resonance increases are Gaia's core and crystalline grids responding to the influxes of crystalline plasma.
We can receive and broadcast theses frequencies now; she is becoming more Solar, as are we.
In our Mastery, we alchemically transform our hearts & DNA with these amplified Diamond-Crystalline Photonic frequencies.

Another confirmation about the changes in our water. Becoming more structured/Fourth State? Or perhaps even beyond this....

Source: Sandra Walter

The Equinox upgrades are palpable. Get outside to receive the pure codes.

Movement, rest and meditation: Rest is necessary to integrate, however the energy fields require movement to expand. It assists with anxieties or stress associated with deep change. Balance the mental, emotional and physical levels with movement (yoga, tai chi, qigong, meridian stretches, flowing dance), meditation and stress-relieving creativity.

Hydration: Solaris is broadcasting higher levels of photonic-encoded plasma, delivered with increasing intensity as larger stargates and Crystalline grid systems reconnect. (SUN gazing may be challenging some days; be wise with your eyes.)

Plasma influxes make us thirsty, because they are triggering the water in our bodies to change. Some of this incoming plasma is a new form of water, activating the aquifers (and the water in your cells) to hold more photonic light on the planet. Water is key for upgrading the cells and DNA, and activating crystalline structures.

Timeline shift September 28-29. A powerful week in this Now.

Because #Ascension

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