11 September 2019

Living in Accord with the Divine Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"The focus on manifestation in spiritual culture is actually a testament to the confusion you all hold about who and what you are. The determination to accrue objects, to accrue income, to accrue the ideas of success, has created a God that is working in commerce, that is seeking to objectify and give you what you think you should have. 

And, in doing this, you actually deny the presence of the Creator that is in all things. The one who puts the beggar below the wealthy man has committed heresy. The one who decides that the hovel has no merit and she must live in a castle has also done the same. You think the castle is emblematic of success, but you have defined success as living in a castle and not living in accord with the Divine Self who will call to you what you require."

The Guides through Paul Selig -- From Alchemy, Beyond the Known: Book II (A Channeled Text)


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