20 September 2019

Magic is Happening ~ Maureen Moss ~ 19 September 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

Magic is happening.

On Saturday night I took a pretty bad fall... back down.
Immediately I looked at my back in the mirror and saw a 6 inch slash across my back where it hit the walll and took a great deal of my skin.

I smeared my back with anti-flammatory creme and went back to bed in sheer agony.

The next day was worse and I knew I had either bruised my
ribs or fractured them.

I could not bend down, get up without finding support, nor get into my cupboard to retrieve a soup pot.

Exhausted by Monday, I went to my chiropracter/ energy worker who was shocked at how every part of me was so twisted from neck to knees.

He did his best to unwind as much as he could.

I left with him telling me I had 4-7 weeks before my ribs would heal.

That won't work, I said to myself.

I went home quite miserably. I began having body spasms then and when I went to bed that night it felt like my ribs were on fire throughout the night.


On the 3rd morning, I awakened with the same pain.

Going to my computer later in the morning, I began creating the 22 Equinox Gathering. After 3 hours 'in the field of Cosmic Company including Divine Mother and Yeshua, and feeling Joyful for some reason, I got up and the pain was completely gone!!

Not quite trusting it... I tested it out in every way I could. Tentatively I stretched, bent, reached, coughed..and No pain!

4 days after the fall I had received a Miracle. Later my friend said, "don't forget this is the realm of all potential. Miracles are everywhere.

In this somewhat challenging energy week we have we have been in a very progressive energy field of Divinity, Magic and Miracles. And expect more.

I Love You ALL and hope you join with us in the 22 Equinox Magic.

Love, Maureen


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