26 September 2019

New Moon & Solar Activity Coming ~ Aluna Ash ~ 25 September 2019

Please listen to Aluna Ash's video update here. Aluna sees the Aquarian energies coming in when we enter the Uranian year on 20 Feb  February 2020 (? in the description Aluna writes 2 Feb 2020).

 **It's important to shift your thoughts into what you want after the healing is done- otherwise, the youll stay in that same pattern/energy/experience/situation subconsciously. Your subconscious says yes to everything you focus on with your conscious mind. You have the same spirit that created the cosmos within you, guiding you... there's no need to fear. You are God, God is within- Your I AM presence. God is love, happiness, abundance, bliss, health, etc... Claim your I AM presence. Anytime a negative thought surfaces, think of why.. if there's healing thats needed, do the healing. But if it's from repetition- that pattern needs to be broken through deciding to think different thoughts. 

Solar Storm/Solar Winds on the way. Should be hitting the planetary field within the next few days. 

New Moon Portal opened 9/25 (always 3 days before as the moon enters the electromagnetic vortex in relation to the Sun & Earth and acts as a medium or conduit for the Sun and whayever else it touches.) 

New Moon Supermoon in Libra, 9/28, is opposite Chiron. Saturn and the South node & the north node which is opposite in Cancer, are switching degrees on the 28th as well. Saturn & the South node are also in a T Square with Venus and the North Node. Venus is sextile Jupiter. Venus & Mercury also square Pluto. Neptune conjunct Lilith is trine the North Node & Neptune square Jupiter. I feel like alot of the energy felt this week has been due to Saturn & the South Node/opposite the North Node & the T Squares. Pluto stations direct October 3rd, yay can't wait. 

Portal Dates in the coming months (Portal dates connect to DNA Light Codes that are coming in, connected to the Sun cycles..not everyone is receptive to the energy coming in on these dates in the same way, but many are or are becoming, attuned to integrate the Cosmic consciousness coming through & feeling the shifts in energy/DNA activations/Light Codes/downloads on these specific days. They connect to the Sun cycle and the Galactic Maya knew they are important in our ascension process, the Galactic Maya measured cycles of consciousness- not time, thats what 2012 was all about- the end of one cycle/level of consciousness & how we experience time, shifting into synchronicity & multidimensional awareness which operates beyomd linear time.) 

*October 24th- opening of New Moon Portal, and 12 day portal with 9 GAP days in a row, until November 4th. 

*Dec 5th- Dec 14th.. 10 GAP Days in a row. (Beginning of the new Sun cycle- my personal guidance) Dec 21st -Solstice, Dec 25th- Solar Eclipse. 

*July 13th-July 22nd 10 GAP Days in a row. These dates listed above is when we will have alot of Solar Activity & DNA activations. (Not everyone will react to these energies in the same way... those attuned to recieve the codes coming in, will notice a massive increase in downloads/activations at this time. 

Caban 8 year begins 2/2/20 (2222) which is connected to the planet Uranus. 

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