24 September 2019

QHHT Sessions: Ancient Beings Assisting Prehistoric Earth ~ Carlo John ~ 20 September 2019

Please listen to the session here.

This is a moving account of a Higher Dimensional Being who tried to help humans in their evolution. Together with her team, they spent a very long time (several human lifetimes) attempting to help raise the vibration of humans. In the end, they had to cease their mission and leave, without success.

To me, this session underscores the deep depth of darkness that Humanity had plunged into for so long, and how extremely difficult it is to shift our Consciousness into something higher. Hence the terribly long eons of time ~ and the countless operations and attempts ~  it's taken for the Light to once again pierce the thick dark armour that was cast around Humanity's Consciousness.

We sank way way way down....and now, we're heaving ourselves up again, greatly assisted by all the largely unseen forces of Light from all over the Cosmos.


  1. Hi Grace!

    Not sure if you've received my email, but I just want to thank you for the share. Your commentary also on this is so, so very deep—and beautifully written. :)

    I truly appreciate your work!


    1. Hello Carlo, thank you for dropping by and being so supportive :) No, I don't think I received any emails from you :/ Could have popped into a different dimension :) Please feel free to re-send, I look forward to receiving!

      Thank YOU for the Lightwork that you do, many Blessings :)