10 September 2019

Sep 10 through Sep 15 2019: Gene Key 47 ~ Transmuting The Past ~ Richard Rudd

The world is getting ready once again to embrace the magical realm

Source: Gene Keys

Transmuting The Past
“Contemplation, that state in which our awareness is turning inwards on a regular basis, gives way to Absorption. When this stage is reached, we know. Our whole frequency begins to move into another realm. The intensity remains, but our life becomes at the same time softer, quieter, and our effort begins to drop away. The transfiguration actually begins at the higher reaches of the Gift frequency, as our aura enters the state of Absorption.

What is occurring is that our genetic memory is being cleansed, purged, expunged. As it falls away, a new being emerges in its midst change and our karma becomes so purified that are biochemistry goes through some radical alchemical changes. Combinations of hormones are synthesized in our brain stem that were never possible before. They were waiting for the right genetic environmental signals. Now the DNA can release those signals because the frequency of light that is hitting its coding catalyses them.

These hormones allow us to enter long periods of pure being, in which greater and greater gaps open out between our thoughts. We become suffused with our own presence, with our essence. Our awareness is now so inward that it comes to a point of complete rest. Then the magic occurs and we reached the centre.”

The 47th Way, the Gift of Transmutation

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