23 September 2019

September Equinox ~ Celia Fenn ~ 23 September 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

Today the Sun moves into Libra and it is also the September Equinox.

For those of you in the North, it is Autumn/Fall, but for me in the South it is Spring.

The Key to the Equinox energies has been the acceleration of time and the resulting chaos if we do not raise our frequency by "slowing down" on the physical plane.

Time is increasingly becoming one of the key Ascension topics as our frequencies increase and time seems to accelerate.

What we are learning now is that time is not something that is outside of us. Like most things, that which we call time is internal and is created by us according to our personal frequency. 
When inner frequency increases, it places great strain on the physical body which has been used to a certain tempo of life, and then responds to the increase in frequency by trying to go faster.
But the truth is just the opposite.

In order to accommodate all the energetic frequencies and manifestations as they increase, we need to slow the physical way down and get out of our own way.

The best way to spend the Equinox is in Peace and Calm, simply enjoying the high frequency consciousness that is lifting Gaia on her Ascension journey.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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