26 September 2019

Spirit’s Transmission on the Global Climate Strike ~ 💫May The Force Be With You 💫 ~ Judy Satori ~ 21 September 2019

I am aware of the backlash and Soros-related suspicions against Greta Thunberg, as well as the strong belief in many awakened communities that climate change is yet another control agenda because this is a natural phenomenon, or that we're heading into a mini ice-age, or that the entire Solar System is going through Planetary changes. My view is that this is not the point at all, and should not be used to sides-step our own responsibility towards rampant pollution of the environment that is clearly and obviously the result our actions. What each of us does, makes a difference.

In this short video, Judy Satori relays the message from Inner Earth regarding this topic, with Light Language transmission towards the end.
"Co-Create as One....in the Oneness, the  is Force is strong."
Source: Judy Satori

💫May The Force Be With You 💫

This powerful energy transmission and information from Spirit came through in May, when I was in Copenhagen hosting a European Activation Event. ==> And I urge you to watch this video. <==
My talk coincided with a Friday #ClimateStrike in the city, and as I was speaking, thousands of people were marching outside and so I took the opportunity to ask if there was anything Spirit wanted to say. There was.

The beings of Inner Earth known as the Watchers stepped forward in full support of those marching, protesting and coming together in support of Mother Earth.
They say the situation with our energy misuse is urgent. They call on us all to stand by the courage of our convictions and protest so that together we can create the tipping point required to bring about positive change.

At the end of this video, an energy transmission is shared to “give you the force” to step up and join together in Oneness and create change.

Share with all those who need a boost.

May the force be with you
Judy 💜

See more from this talk here >> https://bit.ly/2lZY6nS

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