30 September 2019

Stop. And Feel ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 September 2019

Stop. Let yourself breathe and feel how you are feeling
Source: Lee Harris

If you are a little more outwardly focused on others or your work, you might be finding that unless you give yourself enough time to breathe, catch up with how you’re feeling and have quiet moments, things in your life might be getting stuck and stopped.

You might run into roadblocks because you’re being asked to stop and let yourself breathe and feel how you are feeling.

There are times in our life where we’re asked to be ‘big’ in the world and have big conversations, big doings, big activity and then there are times in our life where we need to make everything very ‘small’.

Time to integrate. For you, that might be meditation or sitting quietly a few times a day to just allow you to catch up with yourself.

- From September 2019 Energy Update

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