19 September 2019

Timeline Shifts in September ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 September 2019

Walk through this passage with your Mastery focussed on highest choice. 
Grace, Ease, Creativity and Flow are the frequency of the higher experience.
There are key cosmic trigger points embedded into these higher timelines.
Gate clearings tend to reveal what blocks those transformative turning points.
It may be subtle or dramatic; pay attention

Source: Sandra Walter

Pay attention to what presents or drops away throughout this month. Collective timeline shifts are powerful events, and we are gearing up for domino-effect events to reveal a collective awareness of intense change. The balancing act is global. Support balance in your own lifestream as it applies to/compliments the higher Ascension timelines.

No victimhood, judgment or self-judgment. All is amplified for our benefit and free will choice.

We amplify outcomes with our personal thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Remember this is on behalf of the Ascension, which is already occurring. The Universal photonic command for order breaks apart what is not in balance. Equinox provides a window (Gateway) for our Higher aspects to do the good work. Keep aligned with creating the New.

Because #Ascension

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