28 September 2019

Timeline Shifts Step-by-Step ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 September 2019

Messages from different sources coming nicely together with same theme....wonderful!!

Source: Sandra Walter

An overview of the last month of timeline shift steps.

Timeline shifts are key trigger points for shifting realities to the #NewEarth experience. They have been continual for decades, however the acceleration since the 12-12-12 is clear and direct for those on the #Ascension path.

Timeline shifts can be dramatic on a collective level. Old beliefs, habits, relationships drop away, or we are challenged to release them in order to level up. These choice points were strong during the collective shifts in May-June-July.

The #Freedom code release and Merging of the Lemurian - Inner Earth - New Earth Grids -Crystalline Grid allows for great amplification of photonic activity. Old structures (lower timelines running on collective thought) are triggered to dismantle. Mid-range (secondary outcomes) merge with higher timeline trajectories.

Your experience is based on choice. The decision to align your own reality to the vibration of New Earth is your free will choice. It is not a collective instant-fix scenario. Your DNA needs to adapt to the crystalline structures within and without.

Your participation in your own #Ascension process allows your Higher levels to merge with you. Your Embodiment of the Higher Self reveals higher vibrational outcomes and already-existing Divine outcomes.

All is being alighted to reveal the higher choice of #unity consciousness, #creativity, #peace, #LoveLight and the already existing creation of the #Ascended Gaia.

More on this opportunity in the Newsletter this week.

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