25 September 2019

Ultralight, Superlight.....Tachyon?

In a radio show recording from Judy Satori a few months ago, she announced that our Solar System has started receiving new particles called "Ultralight" from our Cosmic Central Sun. The energies streaming in now contain these particles, and they are pertinent for our next phase of Ascension.

When I heard Judy mentioning these Ultralight particles, "Tachyons" came into mind. Was she describing Tachyons? Since Tachyons are known only to a very small sector of the population in the "real" world, largely confined to the Star Trek world, and mainly considered hypothetical in the "Science" world, I knew I wouldn't be able to go on this trek (no pun intended) to satisfy my curiousity.

That aside, I have found a few articles, Science-based, about Ultralight or Superlight. Here they are for those interested:

And....I also found this article, which theorises a correlation between Tachyons and Dark Matter:

I don't have sufficient knowledge to adequately understand the academic theories behind all of it. But hey, from what I've read, the scientists are mostly baffled as well....again.

PS. Please remember that this "connection" is just speculation on my part, and I could therefore be totally wrong :)

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