22 September 2019

Unity Zero Point & Everyone Is Your Alter Ego ~ Aluna Ash ~ 21 September 2019

Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here. Yes, we need to remember that we are our own Stargates (our own torus & EM fields), and from this acceptance, we are able to "think" beyond 5D. Aluna also explains more about January 2020 based on Planetary alignments.


Alter ego means: secondary or alternative personality or alternative self. Ego is an identity or personality. 

**This is my perception of things & my experiences/messages- which is always changing. I realized that even me speaking about my perception of things IS duality or seperation but in order to share an experience or knowing, I have to use words in the best way that I can figure out....even though it goes beyond words. -through time, inner work and our awareness, we begin to access all the layers of our multidimensional awarenesd, which always leads to one original Source/God within us all and within everything. 

This is how the "war" is won- through the internal connection/awareness of being one. Not what you can do or cant do, or what 5D is or isnt, or what New Earth or isn't- by releasing all judgement, beliefs, duality, separation. 

This is because your higherself is split off from another layer, so it becomes separate/individual but is the connection to the Oversoul & Monad point of Unity conscioisness. 

It takes time to integrate these layers of our own awareness through DNA activations. The etheric connection looks like sacred geometry within a massive Kabbala Tree of Life structure. Within this are the layers & bridges that are developed & activated. One is the Merkaba, access point to experience these layers & travel through them in your awareness- time travel, this is a stargate activation. 

You are a Stargate. 

5D, your HigherSelf is one aspect and is a link up, not a destination unless you choose it to be, but there are many layers. 5D embodiment is the first layer or bridge to the other aspects & eventually the Monad & full unity. It is all happening inside of you/us. 

In this reality- with our physical body- our experience is subject to the energy or light of the "planets" which are not physical, in my opinion, through the Awakening process we're able to access other dimensions & realms of this experience with the help of the planets/lights/rays/angels=angles of light. Then we become the conscious creator of our experience using the light/transmissions of the stars. 

The planets represent realms/layers in this reality as well. The Monad consciousness is like accessing the control panel & knowing how to use it, of the Mothership. You become the Captain of the ship. We pull in people to set up our own "tests" or we pull in people unsciously for that awareness to be triggered. So everyone is your alter ego. Including trees, plants, insects, animals, water, the elements... if everything comes from one originating Source, then we are ALL of it but may not have the awareness of it based off of the multi-dimensional layer that we are focused on or embodying at that now moment in "time" 

Everything in this experience is representing polarity & is needed to begin experiencing this reality/density and ascend beyond in our awareness 

blood type- postive/neg 
Gender- male/female 
Red blood/blue blood 
Conscious mind/subconscious mind 
Left/right Up/down 

Even blood types neg/positive have different colored plasma- green=rh neg, yellow= positive.. which arent opposite colors but they are different colors/frequencies. Green is the Heart, Yellow is the Solar Plexus. And the neg/positive charges of bloodtype with iron/copper. Unity is the awareness that ALL of it is one. 

Jupiter= Jesus, Christ, Light, the I AM, Holy Spirit, Ascension, growth, expansion, love,wisdom, wisdom gained from the lessons of Saturn 

Saturn= "Satan" Sin, limitation, darkness/density, the physical, karma, time, physical experience & body, lessons Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius: ushering the Age of Aquarius in the physical for many more on this path- Jupiter/Saturn -the Great Conjunction. 

Jupiter & Saturn have the same symbol, one up & other down. Jupiter= Heaven, Saturn=Earth. 
Uranus energy will be coming online more in 2020, after Saturn/Pluto conjunction, as it is the connection to the Galactic Brain. We pass through Saturns door when we start the Maya cycle of Caban 8 on Feb 20 2020, which is linked to the planet Uranus. We are currently in the Maya year connected to Saturn til Feb 20, 2020, the 2222 Portal can be the Uranus universal spirit/ individual soul link up. 

Uranus is the spirit connecting to the individual Soul embodied in the physical body. This year, 2020- is all about the multidimensional link up🤗Which is a whole new level of reality. I will talk about this more in another video. 

The kundalini awakening or spiritual awakening is the beginning of the link up to the multidimensional layers. It's the beginning of an integration process. Just like 3D to 5D- is the beginning link to Unity/Monad/Universal Mind/Source consciousness. 

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