11 September 2019

Welcome to the OMniverse Earth! ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

It's GOOOOOD to be back!!

Source: MTVOTeam

Congrats on rejoining the Omniverse!!!! Long ago, humanity was removed from the whole of the omniverse so that we could work on ourselves and heal.⁣

We've stepped back into our true nature enough that earth is being woven back into the Omni!⁣

This means a lot is changing in the invisible world, and we are gaining access to more of ourselves beyond this universe than we've seen in eons.⁣

For a gentler integration as your Omniself comes back online, we recommend toning Huuu and working with the sphenoid.⁣

Check out our last video for a sphenoid adjustment technique.⁣

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