10 October 2019

10:10:10 Gateway ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 10 October 2019

Source: Paul Dobrey-Carey (image above in gif format at this link)

A high intensity frequency stream of Fifth Dimensional Light Codes are steadily pouring into Earth's atmosphere from the increasing activity of cosmic Ray-diation high energy particles and the decreasing Magnetosphere protection due to this period of Solar Minimum activity. As walking conduits of high frequency energy, it is imperative to ground this into Gaia's heart chakra through focused intention.

The Fifth Dimensional twelve nexus merkaba constructed around the existing Hu-Ma-Na form during the Grand Sextile of July 29 2013 was designed to allow a greater range and awareness of light vibratory frequency to become integrated and retained. This will fill and expand rapidly with these new light codes leading to recalibration and cellular mitosis occuring, creating polarised equivalent cells capable of holding greater multidimensional energetic particles of substance within light encoded mitochondria.

Self responsibility will become a vital way of living each day as third dimensional constructs and patterns of behaviour slip away from day to day living. These are the changes so eagerly awaited by many, with far more still to come. Make space for Source, there is far more to your Higher Self with multiple lifetime experiences through countless Soul emanations and less room for a fear based and limited Ego belief system.

The balance is tipping as the heart chakra expands further out to fill the merkaba from Hunatiara (Stellar Gateway) to Terragaia (Earth Star).

YOU are far greater in energetic mass and power than you have been since the days of ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Use these energies wisely through firstly harmonising the focus on Service to Self, leading to Service to Others.

With Loving Blessings
Paul Dobree - Carey

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