09 October 2019

Clear Seeing in a World Gone Mad ~ Stephanie South ~ 8 October 2019

This discourse by Stephanie South shows with clarity how social conditioning ties in with the intentional disruption of our natural rhythm of Life, reducing us to functioning on auto-pilot in some degree and robbing us of our inherent need for introspection and living in the Now moment. As Deepak Chopra explained, Creation occurs between thoughts (paraphrasing).

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift, Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star

Helpful reminder in the current world climate that is externally driven. There is no way out but IN.

Practicing the Universal Equality of Awareness
Excerpt from The Call of Pacal Votan, Time is the Fourth Dimension by Dr. Jose Arguelles (1996)

Galactic culture is culture free of all historical, culturally limiting chauvinisms, opening instead to the life of universal equality of all kin.

The fundamental technique for cultivating the state of nowness is referred to as ‘practicing the universal equality of awareness.’ This is the only way to maintain genuine freshness of mind.
Without this freshness of mind, the conditionings of the 12:60 timing frequency will continue to occlude clear seeing and the capacity for extended sensory vision or fourth-dimensional insight.

In these two capacitates of mind, clear seeing and extended sensory vision, are the two goals of practicing the universal equality of awareness.

This practice is called universal because it can be undertaken by any human, and its object of experience is the universal nature of mind which is nothing more than the uncategorized equality of all phenomena and experiences with each other.

The experience of universal equality is maintained by an awareness that is actually constant or constantly available in the moment by bringing your mind back to it.

Practice of the universal equality of awareness brings about a mind that is without judgment yet discriminating, calm yet vigilant, and receptive to synchronic nuances of sensory mental input—extended sensory vision, which is the root of telepathic fourth-dimensional knowing and experience.

All of these qualities of mind are in the now, and free of third-dimensional conceptual clinging.

To practice universal equality of awareness, first understand the nature of mind, then the nature of mind as it has been conditioned by the 12:60 timing frequency.

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