18 October 2019

Connecting With Our Planet Through Our Feet ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 17 October 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Pisces as a sign that rules our feet and Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune's frequency connects us to our creative imagination and Multi-dimensional reality. In reflexology, the organs and energy meridians have pressure points on the feet. When our feet open up to the Earth, it can help heal our organs and reset our nervous systems.

The organs correspond with all the other planets and signs they connect with (Archetypes) which have a M/F charge and an elemental - like Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The Earth connects us with the Diamond Heart which exists in its core Sun. When we connect with the Earth through our feet and ground ourselves and dismiss the Matrix sabotage, we will discover that our feet are a gateway into the beyond and our connection to Cosmic magic and bliss (Aether - the 5th Element). Pisces is the 12th sign and 13 is an Earth vibration that links us like an Umbilical cord to Zero-point Unified field.

It activates us in the same space as the things that are attempting to distract us - the control system overlay on Cosmic and Natural law. It is not true grounding to be immersed in an artificial construct.

The true law of Structure ebbs and flows chaos and order and Creation and destruction -- which can be directed with intent, to manifest and birth amazing things. Polarities get integrated and Wholeness is restored.

Our Ascension is right beneath our feet, like the root system of the Tree of Life, with the mind and rest of ourselves (branches), receiving nutrients from the Sun (higher self). When the Sun within the Earth aligns with the Galactic center, there ain't nothing we can't heal or overcome!

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