10 October 2019

Drive Your Own Soul Experience ~ Lee Harris ~ 8 October 2019

If you get lost in the needs, desires and wants of others, you don't get to drive your own Soul experience

Source: Lee Harris

Sensitive, empathic people can tend to get lost in the wants, needs and desires of others and forget themselves.

This is very important for this part of the soul journey because empaths and sensitives have great gifts to bring into their life and the lives of others.

But if you only or mostly get waylaid by the needs, desires and wants of others, then you don’t get to drive your own soul experience too. This lesson I mention here is going to be something being experienced and learnt by a lot of people right now.

If you had an emotional response to these last few sentences - you are right in the release of responsibility to others before responsibility to self. They have to go hand in hand. You have to be responsible for yourself in order to also be responsible for others. It’s a huge shift, and it’s a game-changer.


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