10 October 2019

Fully Transcending the "Ego" State ~ Broder Bilal ~ 27 September 2019

Artwork by RawAlien
Source: Broder Bilal

Final Stages of merging with Higher Energy Aspects of Ourselves - a total change in the "Identity" of Oneself.

This is Overwhelming and a Tearful moment, when fully merging with Higher Versions of Ourselves and realizing Our True Form.

Do not get frightened, there are other "beings" in that Higher Version, they are part of your Beingness - own "identities" of as own Soulselves. You, Yourself are that Magnificent Beautiful Energy Field, with many "identities".

These identities are Your Embodied Expressions from other lives, you can communicate with every part, Feel and Understand every part of Yourself. It is here you begin to operate from a Higher Awareness of Your Own Energy.

The identity that you are right now, is an experience. It's an Own state of Being in itself. This Being is part of a Greater Awareness. When that merging begins on a Conscious level, the own identity right now will slowly fade away.

You begin to feel and understand a deeper connection to everything else in the Creation. How you as a part of the Wholeness and as a Co-Creator with the Creators power have chosen this Earthly Experience.

Complex understanding with deeper wisdom will slowly begin to arise at a Conscious level. You will understand things you could not understand before.

What ones were a "Person", will become something else in Its Personality. A clear and noticeable change in one's Own Presence. Full merging will unlock hidden power and unleash the magic within, affecting the overall energy flow in the body. It's beginning to happen in masses now.

The “identity” we had in this life, was just an experience...

Brother Bilal

Artwork by RawAlien

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