31 October 2019

GCR'S & Planetary Activation Prep ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 October 2019

Here's the link to this video update from Aluna Ash:

Excuse formatting, I'm posting "as is" first as my time online is limited today.

#GalacticCosmicRays #SolarStorm #Sun I hope you all like my drawing😁😁 it's the only way I can kinda explain how this looks in my mind. **Galactic Cosmic Rays are coming in easier and stronger due to the changes with the magnetic field of the Sun and the shifting into the new Sun cycle. I saw a massive activation & change with the Sun in December that links up the collective consciousness with the planet in a more interactive way, more connected to nature, the elements, the Sun, planets, Etc..... this, it feels, is integrated until Feb. 20, 2020 where this link up is more consciously known & experienced. And ofcourse we have the energy from the alignments in January as well. --I haven't been excited about an eclipse in a longggg time, but December 25th Eclipse looks & feel beautiful, very excited!! Some (not all) are linking up to their Oversoul/Monad directly & consciously, those that are focusing on One, All being One, are shifting into higher dimensiomal timelines alot quicker after this eclipse *I forgot to add when the 4th dimension body is more active, kidneys can become more active. So drink more water if needed, and empty bladder when needed- don't wait & hold it all night/morning cuz you dont wanna get up out of bed lol 30/31st- 13th day of Ben cycle, Mercury Retro in Scorpio. The Moon crossing Jupiter & the Gslactic Center🤗 Nov 1st- All Saints Day Nov 1st-13th is the Cimi/Death cycle: Here's more info on the energy of this 13 day cycle below: https://www.sunsigns.org/maya-cimi/ Nov 2nd- All Souls Day, will be celebrated on 11/3 Nov 3rd- planetary energy, group experiences, collective, rituals, magic, manifestations, completion-- within Cimi 13 day cycle. I found it interesting the way Trump mentioned "11 kids rescued, 3 were not" (someone sent me a clip of his speech) like it is to connect timelines. Nov 4th- last day of 12 day portal. Thank you for your support! https://patreon.com/alunaash https://paypal.me/alunaash #energyupdate #MagneticSun2021#SolarStorm #Maya #Portal #GAPdays #Halloween #AllSaintsDay #AllSoulsDay #Cimi #Rainbowevent #Rainbowplasma #awakening #DivineOrder

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