08 October 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 7 October 2019

".... 3 hours of rest".... I guess in the midst of the on-going surges of energy, that's about all we can get 😄

Source: Jason Estes

Congrats on making it through the 5pt influx and template tests

the 2nd Inner Earth city is now fully online and holding strong, over these next few months all will be coming fully online and by mid may fully stable since there is 1000s of them we are in for a huge treat as they should be turning a new one on and going through the process every few days

this will also enhance the earth grid which will assist a lot with whats coming in on the 16th

also prewave starts in a few hours for the 11th so enjoy these 3 hours of rest

my recommendation is do some self massage, do a cleansing bath, find some way to assist the body to let go of the energy so it can be ready for the next flow of it

if you havnt worked with the Sphenoid you might want to adjust it soon

i will post a video below ::hugs::

(Link to video)

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