26 October 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 25 October 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Ascension to me means that the person who has always been inside of us, is ready to come out and fully live and think for itself, enjoying ones creative imagination. It begins to ignite what has been dormant, because we aren't hiding away anymore or operating under a false programming.

It us our Wisdom body that recognizes our full on connection with Cosmic and Earth energies -- in alignment with Zero point Unified field.

This flows through our beings, free from the Matrix programmings. Authentic, alive and aware of a beautiful World that will continue to unfold before us.

It is the Dreamer, Artist and Divine power integrated into the physical plane. Matter is healed, what doesn't serve us is released and new things manifest around the power of intention.

This is major Scorpio season with a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday and upcoming Mercury retrograde in Scorpio which intensifies many powerful aspects connected with Pluto. Uranus in the mix too shaking it up!

(transformation and awakening happening big time!)

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