20 October 2019

Menstruation: 32 Out of 64 Circuits Open ~ Clip: Jason Estes #19

Source: MTVOTeam (includes clip)

There are 64 circuits in the body that make up reality, and most people on earth can count the number of circuits that they have open and active on one, maybe two hands. The more of these circuits that we open, the greater the depth we process reality with.⁣⁣
Women have a full 32 circuits in their wombs, and when they’re on their periods, these circuits open up automatically. Therefore, a menstrual cycle indicates a huge jump in the number of circuits open in a woman’s body. She can go from having six circuits open to having 32 open in the span of a day.⁣⁣
This drastic inflow of energy and light leads to the physical symptoms that are associated with periods. It also makes it harder for women to relate to the average person, and so they might gravitate towards other women on their periods, who can better understand their process.⁣⁣
If you’re a female and you have a period, remember that your period is POWERFUL. Use your cycle to create positive momentum in your life, rather than for blaming and shaming yourself or others. Your energy and your words are tools that you can use to build yourself up or tear yourself down. And when you tear down anyone else, it's you that you're really destroying.⁣⁣

To join the Deep Dive #19 discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.⁣
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