22 October 2019

Religion Divides People ~ Eric Raines ~ 21 October 2019

God is too big to fit into one religion
Religion divides people
Meanwhile belief unites them

If I may, I think it's more of Consciousness that unites people....

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity 

There are two aspects to our intelligence. Our logical, linear brain, and our cellular intelligence. There are major differences between the two, including that they have NOTHING to do with each other. They can communicate, but beyond that, they run on completely different operating systems.

When I say the cellular intelligence, every single one of you knows exactly what I am talking about, even if it makes no sense right now.

Have you ever felt someone watching you? There is no way your conscious brain can pick up on someone staring at the back of your head, but the divine intelligence inside of us knows. And it reacts. Then we are able to pick up on it.

This cellular consciousness is provable today in specific medical fields. Applied Kinesiologists use muscle testing to ask the body what it needs. And it is always right.... Muscle testing can answer pretty much any yes/no question you throw at it.

Now, why is this important with a meme about religion?

That cellular intelligence IS GOD. That gut feeling where you know something is wrong... that wave of chills that sweeps over you when you find yourself in awe at a piece of music, or art, or something clicking in with your highest excitement and passions. That queasy feeling you get in your stomach when something that resonates on a lower vibration than you.

The signs are everywhere. Our bodies literally are temples for the Holy Spirit.

Yet most don’t ever listen to this consciousness that knows EVERYTHING. Some of us do. Some of us can’t handle being forced into jobs and situations that drain us. We find it a waste of time, and our time is precious. We use our time to follow that consciousness inside all of us. We follow our excitement and passion.

What you end up with is a person following the path of love and light. And every single last one of them will tell you that they can’t fit into a religion.

Religion is the conscious, 3D, linear minds attempt to grasp the complexity of our cellular knowledge. Someone starts to listen to that inner knowledge and grasps these concepts that shake the foundations of the world....and then teaches it to people who don’t have that connection.

The knowledge RESONATES!!!! They FEEL it!!! But have no idea what is talking to them. Then the egoic, linear brain consciousness takes over.

They never got the whole story. They only got bits and pieces of it, and when they feel that RING of TRUTH....they know for a fact that they are onto something.

And this happened in different parts of the world, and every part got different information, so generations down the line, you have vast amounts of people following set strictures and defined borders of their own spirituality, all convinced that their way is right.

There is truth in every religion. It wouldn’t resonate with so many people if there wasn’t. Each is only a piece of the whole.

And all they would have to do to find out those pieces of the whole, is start trying to talk to that cellular consciousness. It is constantly in a receptive state.... waiting eternally for the master commands from the divinity given individuality. Not only will it teach you, but then you can start programming your cellular structure. And issue commands to upgrade your DNA.

God is much too big to fit inside of religion, and so are each and every one of us.

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